Our Placement Process

Curious how things work at Celarity? We’ve been creating great connections for our clients since 1993. That makes Celarity the Twin Cities’ most experienced staffing and recruiting agency in the marketing, creative, and IT space. Whatever your need may be, we can help you.

Q. What service options are offered to clients?

Contract Staffing: Get projects done faster with the right talent, right away. We handle payroll so you can focus on work.

Contract-to-hire: Why hire before you are ready?  You’ll gain peace of mind knowing the talent is the right fit.

Direct Placement Search: We partner with you to understand your needs, cut through the search process and deliver a shortlist of highly qualified candidates–fast! Learn more about our satisfaction guarantee.

Q. What is the process like at Celarity for clients?

We follow a thorough, strategic process that starts with understanding your needs:

Discovery: We help your business succeed by first understanding your goals. Our in-depth meeting about your company, the role and your culture ensure that we know exactly who you need.

Team Search: Our entire team gathers and forms a search strategy for your need. A team of recruiters working for you means fast results.

Rigorous Screening: You only see top candidates that have been phone-screened, interviewed in person, software tested, had references checked and are truly interested in your specific opportunity.

Follow-up: After you hire our talent, we check in regularly with both you and the talent to ensure that the work is going well.

Q. What makes Celarity unique in what they do?

Our services are aimed at saving you time, money and the risk of a bad hire. There are many elements that make us one of the most competitive in town:

Tireless Dedication: From our in-depth discovery meeting to our ongoing follow-up, our 4-step recruiting process is the most thorough and effective in the business.

Undeniable Results: You can trust we do quality work because we have the track record to prove it. We’ve made thousands of placements and received numerous service awards from our clients.

Deep Twin Cities Roots: We are the most experienced and longest standing marketing, creative and IT recruiting agency in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Expert Responsiveness: We have a unique team approach with a single point of contact so you get a personal and consistent experience with fast results.

Q. How does the billing/invoicing work?

Our talent fill out weekly timesheets that they will submit to you at the end of every week to review, approve and sign. Celarity then bills you weekly for the hours the talent spent on the job. Hourly rates depend on the experience of our talent. For direct placement searches, we send you a one-time invoice based on a percentage of the first-year salary of the hired talent.