Our Recruiting Process

At Celarity, our passion is our people. That means you! Our goal is not just to get placements, but create happy careers for our clients, contractors, and employees by presenting clients with the best talent, placing people at a company they will love and building a workplace that internal employees enjoy!
Whether you’re looking for a contract assignment, permanent job or a freelance project, we partner with some of Minnesota’s most respected companies who are eager to work with top talent like you. We act as your advocate and represent you to our clients. We take care of ALL the details: from interview scheduling and coaching to payroll and benefits, making this process as easy as possible for you.

What is the Recruiting Process?

Step 1Apply: Check out our openings in marketing, creative and IT. Find the position that fits and submit your resume.  (If you don’t see your exact specialty, submit your resume anyway; our recruiters still want to make connections with top talent!) Your resume is then sent directly to one of our recruiters.
Step 2Connect: A recruiter will reach out to you, based on our current openings, and will then set up a time to meet you and learn more about your background and where you want to take your career.
Step 3 Match: We then match your skill set with the needs of our client and present your work and abilities in order to find the right fit for you and our client.

What Types of Work Opportunities are Available to me Through Celarity?

Celarity offers freelance, contract and permanent work. We’re connected with hundreds of respected Twin Cities companies who approach us needing talent, including Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, design firms, PR firms, and many other large and small businesses and nonprofits. Assignment length can range anywhere from a half-day to a month to several years. Most projects are onsite, but offsite work is sometimes available, depending on the needs of the client and the candidate’s background and skill set.

Do I Have to Accept an Assignment That Celarity Presents to me?

Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to let us know if an opportunity we run by you is not a good fit. You know your strengths, skills and career goals best, so the choice is always left up to you. We also encourage people to keep their records up-to-date with us (for example if you take a Web design course) as it could make a big difference in getting hired on by a company.

Are There any Fees for the Candidates?

Our services are no cost to candidates. We are paid by our clients to connect them with top talent.

If I’m Not Immediately Hired, do I still Contact Celarity?

Yes! We want you to stay in touch with us so we can have accurate and up-to-date information about your background, skills and availability. If we don’t have the perfect fit for you now, we still want you to stay in touch with us so we can easily contact you for future opportunities.

We offer great benefits!

  • Medical Insurance – Three plan options which Celarity covers up to 60% of your monthly premiums
  • Paid Time Off – One of the only agencies to provide PTO for you to use on holidays, sick days, or whenever you need to
  • Dental/Vision Plans
  • 401(k) matching and more! – Up to 5% match!