Some people may think that Leadpages has broken all the rules when it comes to marketing and sales. Some marketers argue that blogs and webinars are dead and that these versions of content could never drive conversion rates as effectively as a sales team. Well, Leadpages has proven that those people are wrong.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Clay Collins, Co-Founder at Leadpages, presented Content Marketing 2.0 as a guest speaker of the MIMA organization. As Clay went through his slides, he shared a few of Leadpages’s intriguing strategies and their subsequent statistical outcomes.

Here are six pieces of advice from Leadpages to help your organization drive incredible lead generation results using content marketing strategies:

1. Invest in content like you would invest in a sales team.

There are a few benefits to spending your money on content creation instead of on a sales team. Benefits include significantly lower customer acquisition costs, a more immediate payback period, and an extremely high ratio of lifetime value of the customer and customer acquisition cost. Also, creating a “flywheel” of content can generate constant sales – even while you sleep.

To make this strategy work, Clay points out the importance of content channel owners being held responsible for lead generation and sales revenue goals. So, you should hold your content marketers to performance standards in the same way you’d hold your sales team to organizational metrics.

2. Think beyond your landing pages.

You aren’t limited to landing pages to generate leads for your organization. You can acquire leads through speaking engagements, podcasts, videos, webinars, and more. Plus, there are all sorts of mobile platforms that you should also be using to capture leads. Clay stressed the importance of mobile strategy citing a statistic that, “more people access the internet from their phone than from all other devices combined.”

3. Give something away with every post.

Here’s where Clay made us all laugh by pointing out one simple truth: people are weird – we like to keep content. So, incorporate some ways that your users can hold on to it. Some examples of this are: downloadable PDF documents like recipes, resource guides, and checklists, or, things like: templates, infographics, and tutorials.

4. Replace your sidebar opt-in with a Leadbox.

This one is really simple – replace that sidebar opt-in with a Leadbox (a pop-up, opt-in box that makes the user an offer). You will likely find that you’ll get a bump in your conversion rate. Clay explains that this strategy’s psychological effect increases conversion: instead of taking from your customer, you’re giving them something.

5. Your “Thank You” page is a statistical miracle, so use it!

Clay Collins believes that anyone who makes it all the way down your sales funnel to your “thank you” page is a statistical miracle. These are your best leads! So, use this page to drive them to take another action like…signing up for a webinar!

6. Webinars…just try one!

Why do a webinar? There is a big difference between engagement levels when it comes to ungated videos (videos on YouTube, blog posts, and Facebook pages and posts) and webinars. Although it’s important to have a mix of both, it’s also worth noting that users who sign-up for your webinars have a much lower drop-off rate. This means that they will likely show up because they’ve made an appointment and that you’re more likely to keep their attention for a longer period of time. Plus, the webinar sign-up form converts your end user into a lead!

Want more great tips from Leadpages? Check out their Marketing Library! And, check out our calendar to see upcoming events!

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