Event Recap- Brand Matters- David Clark, Haagen Dazs


On Thursday morning David Clark, Vice President of the International Strategic Business unit for Haagen Dazs, gave a morning talk on branding at the University of Minnesota. Yamamoto Moss Mackenzie, Twin Cities Business, and the Carlson School of Management hosted the event.

David began the event by giving the audience a background of Haagen Dazs. The brand was developed in 1960 and has since evolved into a global brand, offering a wide variety of flavors and establishing its status as a super premium ice cream.

So what makes Haagen Dazs stand apart from the crowd? David described eating ice cream as “an experience”. Haagan Dazs is the best in class, delivers a worldly experience, and inspires meaningful moments. He stated that there is a global “mystery” of sorts to the name “Haagan Dazs”, and that the name makes the brand sound as if it comes from far away.

Since Haagen Dazs is an international brand, local and global factors need to be taken into consideration. Globally Haagen Dazs is known as being made with kitchen friendly ingredients, having a consistent package design, and being a premium brand. On the local level Haagen Dazs has varieties in flavor, local traditions, and pricing.

Clark left the audience with 4 clear take away lessons. The first is that to be successful on a global level core principles and strategies must be clear. Secondly, local customization and activation are critical to market penetration.  Thirdly, global team collaboration is incredibly important. Lastly, Clark stressed that every brand model is different, and “the one that works best for you is the right one”.

Overall, the audience gained insight as to what makes a brand successful on the global level. Clark gave a great overview of the brand, local and global factors to success, and great examples of marketing tactics that left the audience hungry for more.

To see a video of the event, click here.

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