Tickets sold quickly, but on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, we were fortunate enough to attend DenamiCON: Twin Cities’ Conference on Inbound Growth. This event featured keynote and global speaker and President of The Sales Lion, Marcus Sheridan, in addition to a panel of MarTech experts including:

  • Tracey Ellis, CEO of Leadous
  • Ryan Ruud, Founder of Lake One
  • Adam Post, Marketing Automation Practice Lead at Magnet 360
  • Mike Bernard, VP of Marketing at Reeher
  • George B. Thomas, Co-Owner of The Sales Lion

During group conversation, important inbound marketing topics were brought to light with help from the moderator and Denamico CEO, Brendan Dennewill. Here are some of the insights the experts gave during the panel discussion:

Marketing Automation Misconceptions

All the panelists agreed that these 4 falsehoods need to be addressed and discussed before purchasing a marketing automation tool:

  1. Technology replaces the process
  2. The “set it and forget it” mentality
  3. You’ll see immediate, optimized results
  4. You don’t need to change your marketing tactics

The tool is not a “magic wand” that will suddenly make automating all of your marketing tasks work together flawlessly. Processes still need to be put into place, time needs to be given in order for the tool to start working, tweaking will need to occur for optimization, and finally, organization changes will need to happen in sales and marketing. As one panelist pointed out, the formula for success = strategy + metrics + people + marketing automation tool.

Moving to an Inbound Marketing Approach

There are some issues the frequently surface when an organization moves to an inbound marketing approach. For example, it can be tough for the culture of a company to shift the focus from the business to the human. The inbound approach is all about helping your customer – not touting your business. And to help customers, companies need to create quality content with a “show me, don’t tell me” mentality. Great content should:

  • Be “happy, human, and helpful”
  • Break down complex questions and issues into easily digestible sections
  • Fit into the buyer’s personal journey (“right person, right message, right time”)
  • Focus solely on the customer and their need – not your business
  • Build trust over time so that you become the consumers’ expert

Hire an External Agency – or Not?

When a company is considering moving to an inbound marketing approach, it can be difficult enough to decide which software to buy – let alone, who should be hired to do the job. If your business can’t spend the time or money to hire an entire team, utilizing an inbound marketing agency can be extremely helpful. However, as the panelists suggest, it’s best to have a combination: an internal team or a dedicated specialist who can work together with an external agency to solve the problems that are specific to your business needs. After all, nobody will ever know your business as well as you do!

Thinking about hiring an inbound marketing or marketing automation specialist? Watch for our upcoming blog post featuring an Inbound Marketing Consultant for Denamico in our Defining the Role series!

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