Event Recap- MIMA- 5 Easy Ways to Weave Mobile into the Customer Journey

Do you sleep with your phone? Does your mom text? Have you ever redeemed a mobile coupon? On August 17th the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) hosted Julie Roth Novack, SVP of Mobile Solutions at Vibes. She answered these questions and gave us insight on why mobile should be incorporated into a marketing strategy.

Julie began by stating that if you plan on adding mobile to your marketing strategy you should include a piece of each layer from the “mobile wedding cake”, which includes short messaging service (SMS), mobile web, apps, and QR codes. She then described 5 ways to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy.

  1. Activate existing Marketing programs with Mobile– This incudes motivating customers to snap QR codes, having mobile contests supplemented with good mobile website content, and a clear call to action.
  2. Compliment email marketing with smart mobile alerts– build your mobile database by allowing opt-ins through your website. Julie mentioned that another complement to email is text alerts for breaking news or exclusive deals.
  3. Launch mobile coupons or incentives– utilize QR codes, links to mobile websites, or codes via SMS that allow people to hear about special deals through their mobile device.
  4. Link social and mobile– Promote facebook, twitter, and other social media through mobile campaigns. Examples include having people retweet mobile content or “like” a company or brand on facebook.
  5. Use Mobile to gage customer satisfaction– methods include receipts from stores or restaurants with an instant mobile survey. Incentives to complete the survey include future discounts or entry in a contest.

Julie highlighted mobile stats, ways to use it, and common myths about mobile marketing. She used real life examples from her work at Vibes to make a complex topic seem simple. Those who attended gained a greater understanding of mobile, and a great morning of learning.



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