Paul DeBettignies, Photo taken by Teresa Boardman

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul is know for two things: expert speakers and bacon. On Friday, June 29th, they lived up to their name by hosting an event all about career planning and of course, there was bacon. At this particular event, one of the most socially active and well-known recruiters in Minnesota, Paul DeBettignies spoke to SMBMSP about some of the tough topics all of us deal with at some point in our career. From social job-seeking to classic resume questions, Paul offered a great deal of valuable advice to the group. Here are a few highlights from the event:

LinkedIn Advice:

  • Your LinkedIn profile does not have to be short and sweet like a resume. Make sure you include all of your accomplishments and responsibilities.”LinkedIn is a bit of an SEO game,” meaning that if you don’t include the the correct keywords and information, recruiters/hiring managers won’t be able to find you .
  • LI should be the hub of your job search. It’s where you can make personal connections and professional ones. Also, it’s a great way to reach out to people without being too pushy.

General job seeker tips:

  • “It’s not the size of your network, it’s how you use it.” Unless you utilize your connections, the size of your network is irrelevant. Make sure you pick up the phone, schedule meetings and get out there.
  • Stop waiting for people to find you! If you’re unemployed and looking for a new job, don’t be shy and let people know that you’re looking.
  • Start to think like a hiring manager. Ask yourself the question, “Would you hire you?” If you don’t know the answer, that’s where you need to start. How can you get their attention? How can your background be more appealing?

Overall, SMBMSP was extremely helpful and informative for job seekers. It allowed a real-life look into how a recruiter thinks and offered valuable advice to those looking for work or new jobs.

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