This year MnSearch Summit was back and better than ever! Not only did we get insider tips from local and national search experts, but we left the event bursting with great ideas and useful takeaways! Didn’t get a chance to attend this year, or want a review on what was talked about? We’ve featured some of the most inspirational quotes from our favorite speakers at this year’s MnSearch Summit.


Customer Focused Search – Duane Forrester

– In the next 20 years, machine learning will be more important than mobile.

– Search has to be about getting people where THEY want to be.

– Self-driving cars are going to present a HUGE marketing opportunity. Imagine: a car taxi that’s free with featured advertisements!

– Mobile creates a funnel effect because it gives you higher quality results across all facets of search.


Telling a Compelling Story with Google Analytics Data – Jeff Sauer

– The story of mobile is no longer how can we do it, it’s how can we NOT do it?

– Want a cool tool that will write your reports for you? Try QuillEngage to make the reporting process easier.

– Ask: can a computer replace your work? If so, then you need to be doing more.

– If you want your blog or your company to grow, you need to be consistent! You can’t take time off.

– Benchmark and tell Google Analytics what your channels are to get better information that will tell a more compelling story.

– Google releases 70+ changes per year. You’ve got to up your search game by keeping up with those changes.


Everything for a Reason – Meghan Casey

– Make sure the people creating content and doing SEO know and understand the overall business strategies and goals.

– Try mad libbing as an effective content strategy tool. It’s both effective and fun!

– Content Strategy helps people provide the right content, to the right people, at the right times, for the right reasons.

– You need to start with a strategy. Ask for it, and if it doesn’t exist, do it yourself! And make sure you get buy-in.


The Problem with the ROI of Content – Will Reynolds

– Want to do something awesome? Find a provable case for money a company is wasting, then ask for half to go do something better with it.

– How do I know the quality of your content if all I see is a newsletter signup form? I can’t even see your content!

– Hey, people aren’t clicks. They’re people. And do you care about what they want?

– Are you trying to get work done or are you trying to create something big? Ask yourself that question.

– Want to become a better marketer? Read up on human psychology. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is great.

– When it comes to search, don’t try and roll the dice against Google. Do you really think you can outsmart more than 1,500 PhDs?

– Stop writing new content until you perfect the old content that’s already getting a lot of traffic.


Catapulting Conversion with a Content-First Approach – Angie Schottmuller

– Customer context dictates content, which informs design. Not the other way around.

– Don’t sell. Help facilitate good decision making with quality content.

– What does the business want to accomplish and what does the user want to accomplish?

– Where do those desires meet? Business goals should BE what the user wants to accomplish.

– You always want to remember WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) when it comes to your customer.

– You can’t be a thought leader unless you are willing to give away your knowledge.


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