On February 5th innovators, geeks and businessmen alike all gathered together at the Guthrie to enjoy a night of presentations on the latest and greatest in tech. Think of it as TechCrunch done the Minneapolis way. The catch: presenters are given a maximum of seven minutes to present and PowerPoint is not allowed. Put on by minne*, (pronounced minne-star) it was an evening packed with fun, laughter and great ideas. There were technical difficulties along the way, but luckily the minne* staff were there to provide comedic relief so issues could be troubleshooted and the audience could continue with their “oohs” and “aahs.”

Didn’t get a ticket in time? No problem. Here we’re revealing the crafty ideas of the seven presenters themselves featured at this year’s minnedemo.

  1. Hashup – A social platform that lets you connect hashtags to websites. Think of it as a search engine for hashtags where you can prioritize and organize the hashtags you want to follow up with and keep tabs on. @hashupnow
  2. Estate Map – If you die in a tragic car accident, who takes care of your Facebook and Twitter? Estate Map is an online will where you can authorize your personal information to be released to specific people in the event of your death. All of your information including your finances, passwords and even funeral requests are taken care of after your passing, allowing you to truly rest in peace knowing everything is taken care of. @estatemap
  3. DocentEDU – If you were an educator, wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could pull information from all over the internet into one place? DocentEDU makes that possible.  With the ability to add videos, create discussions and ask questions on any website it saves educators time and keeps students more engaged in the class. @docentEDU
  4. GroveStreams – A cloud-based service that allows you to build an IoT application for anything you desire. Basically, you can turn anything in your home into a smart device by connecting it to the internet, sending the information and data to your mobile devices. It’s basically an Internet of things generator. @grovestreams
  5. RedCurrent – One spot for you to find and keep up with local events, schedules and your calendars. It consolidates all of this information into one customizable platform, syncing up your information from various apps and allowing you to be more efficient in your everyday life. @RedCurrentApp
  6. ToggleGreen – A private job network acting much like a dating site where users can put their availability level at green, yellow or red so recruiters know who to contact. It’s the eHarmony of jobs where recruiters can be more efficient at recruiting, and job holders won’t be approached if they don’t want to be. @ToggleGreen
  7. PurchaseBox – An app that lets you create an alias email that receives all of your shopping receipts and categorizes them all into one place so you aren’t getting so much spam in your inbox everyday. @PurchaseBox

A big thanks to minne* for putting on minnedemo and treating everyone to a great evening!

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