Landing pages – your website is likely have at least one, if not many. But are your landing pages converting? And once they do, are you doing everything in your power ensure that you’re maximizing the value of each customer by encouraging further engagement with your company?

Landing Pages

A good place to start this journey is to take a thorough look at your landing pages. First, let’s make sure it’s understood what a landing page is: a web page solely dedicated to “keeping its promise” and delivering the product of a presented offer through an online form.

But just because there is a form with an offer on your landing page, doesn’t mean that it will be effective. So, Brian Massey of Converted Sciences tested different formulas for creating a successful landing page. Here are the components he found work best and that he shared with the audience at the 2016 Converted Conference (see the Conversion Sciences Infographic):

  • Offer
    • Make this an obvious headline or subheading
  • Form
    • Keep it short to reduce abandonment
    • Utilize specific language for the call to action button (not “submit”)
    • Make the call to action button big and make it “POP” with a color that stands out from the rest of the page
    • Overcome objections by utilizing great copy
  • Proof
    • Showcase very specific statistics (don’t round – use real numbers)
    • Utilize social proof like reviews, star ratings, and testimonials
  • Trust
    • Borrow trust with logos, associations seals, and/or rewards
  • Images
    • Avoid stock images
    • Pick photos that provide strong visual cues representing your offer so that people imagine themselves taking action

These components of a strong landing page can help increase conversions but it’s not necessarily enough to bring customers back once they’ve hit the call to action button. There’s another important page that you should utilize to get them to engage with you: your “Thank You” page.

Thank You Pages

Clay Collins (co-founder of Leadpages) says it’s important to think beyond the one-time conversion and to maximize the value of your customers by giving them a reason to come back to your company. One the best ways to keep generating conversions is by tapping into your highest-quality leads on your Thank You page.

He firmly believes that, “your Thank You page is a statistical miracle” and you should use it! Leadpages has a whole post dedicated to the “Art of the Thank You Page”, so you can understand just how important it is to capture your best leads and drive them to take another action.

You know which components to incorporate on your landing page, but which items should you include on your Thank You page? Hubspot suggests you encompass these four elements:

  • Access to Your Offer
    • Include the offer in the thank you page title to reassure your customers that the promise has been kept
    • Provide a way to view or download the offeR
  • Social Media Sharing
    • Converted customers are much more likely to share your content
    • Ensure that you’re not giving your content away for free – the link should direct users to your landing page, not your Thank You page
  • Calls-to-Action
    • Share a related offer with your customer (ex. An item they may like, a webinar, free trial, newsletter sign-up, etc.)
  • Auto-Response Emails
    • Another way to follow up with your “best leads” by presenting another offer for reconversion

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