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Project stress, relieved. You have the strategy and vision but you need experts to help you execute them. Celarity's consultants / freelancers get it done so you can keep going. We manage the people and the process so you get the results.

We have a niche consultant for your specific deliverable needs. Our freelance experts are experienced in the following:

  • Marketing - Paid Search/Social, SEO, Social Media, Email, Direct Mail.
  • Creative - Graphic Designer, Video, Packaging Design, Copywriting, Design Production.
  • Digital - User Experience (UX) Design/Research, User Interface (UI) Design, Front-End Development.

How the process works.

  • 1


    We ask a lot of questions because we help you succeed by understanding everything we can about you.

  • 2

    Project Kick-off

    We select our right team or consultant based on all your specific project needs. We discuss strategy, timeline, budget, expectations, delivery method and then get to work.

  • 3

    Measure Success

    We have regular daily/weekly/monthly checkpoints for approvals. Staying on track is important to achieve your goals.

What you get.


Add teams of people immediately to get projects done.

Deadline Relief

Quick response for timely needs.

Top Talent Access

On-demand talent with expertise in your specific industry and skill needs.


Only seasoned experts on your projects. No interns, no jr. talent.


Our fees & invoicing process.

Pay only for the time, materials and deliverables. Fees based on an estimate or an agreed upon hourly rate with weekly approvals.

OR - Priced by an upfront, project estimate and billed at agreed upon intervals.


Case Study

Additional Team for a Big Project

Company Size:
Mid-sized, 250+ employees

Consumer packaged goods

Minneapolis, MN

The company was launching a new product. They needed a team to create the packaging design, website, email campaigns, and social media posts. The company didn’t have the staff on their current marketing team to handle the project. And, a large ad agency was too expensive.

The Story:
A local consumer packaged goods company was preparing for a large product launch. They needed a marketing and creative department to make it happen, which they did not have. Outsourcing to an agency wasn’t within their budget.

After meeting with the hiring manager, we determined that we needed to build a team. That included a copywriter, art director, project manager, designer, and social media manager. Sounds impossible, right? With long-standing ties to the marketing creative community, we knew the top talent. We assembled the team and presented them to the client.

Within a few short weeks, Celarity’s “mini-agency” was up and running. Soon the client was ready to launch the product. Over the course of six months, our consultants acted as the client’s own internal agency. They did a fantastic job on this project-based need.


Celarity quickly pulled-together a “mini-agency”. That included a copywriter, art director, project manager, designer, and social media manager.

Type of Celarity Service Used:

Consultant & Staffing Services (mix of onsite and offsite work)


Celarity built a team of 5 in under a month.

The company completed the project and launched 3 products within 6 months.

The company retained Celarity’s consultant services for smaller projects after the launches.

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