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An important hire requires time, care, attention to detail and expertise. Celarity has 25+ years of delivering results with 1,000’s of success stories. Put your hire in our hands, the most experienced and trusted ones around.

We are successful by sticking to a thorough and disciplined process. Our clients love our tech-savvy but old-fashioned relationship approach. We make our clients excel for the long-term by focusing on how the role impacts their company. Our 5-year guarantee, an industry best, ensures we are as invested after the hire as you are.


Positions We Staff

  • Account / Project Management Recruiting Account / Project Management
  • Content Recruiting Content
  • Design Recruiting Design
  • Development Recruiting Development
  • Executive Recruiting Executive
  • Marketing Recruiting Marketing
  • Motion / Video Recruiting Motion / Video
  • Studio Production Recruiting Studio Production
  • UI / UX Recruiting UI / UX

Looking to hire one of these positions?

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Looking to hire one of these positions?

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How the process works.

  • 1


    We get to know your company vision and goals. Our unique work style assessment tool helps us to understand your values. It is also a tool for you to use in interviews to ensure a match.

  • 2

    Team Search

    We build out an innovative marketing campaign including referrals and our database. We then build out a list from our industry data tools. On average, we will call and connect with over 400 targeted passive candidates.

  • 3

    Rigorous Screening

    Out of the 400 candidates, we present shortlist of 2-4. They are Phone-screened, interviewed face-to-face, and references checked. This final list of candidates is truly interested in your specific opportunity.

  • 4

    Follow Up

    After you hire our candidate, we check-in regularly with you to ensure that the work is going well. You’ll get peace of mind with our 5-year replacement guarantee.

What you get.


Exclusive Resources

Our proprietary 45k+ database with a team of Sourcing Specialists and Recruiters. They use a custom, tech-savvy but relationship-focused approach to reaching talent.


Faster Hiring

A hiring process that’s 50% faster than average. Celarity’s average time-to-offer is 20 days, compared to the national average of 42 days.

Hiring Tools

An assessment tool that will help you define the Work Style best for your team. Plus, custom interview questions to help you hire candidates that match your values.

Competitive Insights

Insights we’ve gathered from the talent that works at your competitors’ workplace, including salary guidance.

Passive Market Access

Access to 70% of the candidate market that is passive and not applying to job postings.

Expert Consultation

Expert consultation at any time to help you define roles and team needs.

How our search fees work.

Nick Burns, Lead Marketing Recruiter

Meet Nick!

Our Lead Executive Recruiter.

Retained search fees are most appropriate for Executive/Leadership level positions. It ensures your search is handled with care, attention, and sensitivity. The market is small for top leaders so this shared risk model ensures your brand is protected. We can do contingent search options depending on the situation.

Our retained search fee is a shared-risk approach.

1/3rd of the fee when the search begins

1/3rd when the candidate shortlist is complete

1/3rd on successful placement of the candidate

*All searches backed by our 5-year guarantee

Factors affecting the retained search fee.

The fee is 20-30% of the estimated first-year compensation

Flexible search requirements such as skill/experience/location

The volume of positions to fill

The difficulty of the search. (examples: market conditions, skillset, industry, availability, and more)

Case Study

Company Size:
Mid-Large (500+ employees)

Real Estate

Great Minneapolis, St. Paul Area

For over three months, the company had been working with their internal and external recruiting agencies. But, they only saw a handful of resumes - none of which fit the ideal candidate profile.

The Story:
A mid-sized business who specializes in the real estate industry needed to find an executive-level marketer to lead their team. The company was working with their internal recruiters and with an external recruiting firm to fill the role.

After three long months of searching, the hiring managers had only seen a handful of resumes in which none of the candidates fit the ideal candidate profile. They needed additional help filling the role quickly. Fortunately, Nick Burns (Executive Recruiter at Celarity), reached out at the perfect time. The firm decided to hire Celarity because they were hyper-focused in the marketing, creative, and digital space. And, after nearly 30 targeted candidate reach outs, Celarity qualified and met with 4 candidates. Of those 4 candidates, 3 were passed along to the client who decided to interview all of them.

In the end, the client hired their new executive-level employee after only one week of Celarity’s search efforts. Since the firm hired their executive-level marketer, Celarity has been able to fill two additional roles quickly with candidates who fit their values and needs. The company has requested to use Celarity’s services exclusively for all future marketing recruiting needs.


The company hired the firm that is hyper-focused in the marketing, creative, and digital space: Celarity. And, after nearly 30 targeted reach outs, Celarity qualified and met with 4 candidates. Of those candidates, 3 were passed along to the client who decided to interview all of them. In the end, the client hired their new executive-level employee after only a week of Celarity’s search efforts.

Type of Celarity Service Used:

Executive Recruiting - Contingent Search


Celarity was asked 3 weeks later to conduct a similar search in the Orlando, FL market and filled that role within 2 weeks.

Following the successful placement of both positions within two months, the client informed Celarity that they would be using them exclusively for all of their future marketing staffing needs.

The client has since reached out to Celarity for help on a 3rd marketing related search.

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