Caitlyn McArthur

Recruitment Marketing Specialist

If Recruitment Marketing Specialist Caitlyn McArthur’s life were a movie, the opening scene would pan in on her in her older brother’s clothes, tomboying around her tiny hometown of Munich, North Dakota as a kid.

A montage would follow of her growing up—laughing at “Friends” on TV, weeping during “Titanic,” writing poetry. Then, the camera would zoom in on her as a teen, staring starry-eyed out the window of the small café where she cooked for the locals, while Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” played on the jukebox.

Has been to 22 states & counting!

“Someday,” we’d hear her say passionately, “Someday, I’m going to bust out of this tiny town, become a finalist in Miss North Dakota competition, earn a BA at Minnesota State University in Moorhead, participate in a National Student Exchange in Hawaii, and begin a modeling/acting career in the big city.” (Caitlyn’s dreams were very specific.)

True to plot, the plucky girl from small town America realized her dreams, even modeling across the US and in an international showcase in Paris. Yet Caitlyn knew she was more than just a pretty face. After an LA modeling opportunity didn’t pan out, she shifted her ambitions, landing a recruiter job for a Twin Cities’ college.

The denouement of Caitlyn’s story would show her writing job postings, growing social media engagement, planning events and more. And as the credits roll on this coming-of-age film that is her life, we’d see her eating mint chocolate, typing on her keyboard, and smiling—a genuine super star at Celarity.

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