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Darren Hill


As a child, Celarity Recruiter Darren Hill’s playbook for his life included being drafted as NFL Commissioner and tackling all the peanut butter with ice cream he could get down. But before he could cross that goal line, he needed work experience, so he scored his first job at 16 as a Niagara Cave guide. He wasn’t expecting to be blind-sided by the experience-it was a ball!

In a rush to get into the game of life, he worked on passing his courses at Luther College, Decorah, IA. He may not have been GOAT, but he did make it to the end zone, earning his BA in Communication Studies. Clearly, Darren was in the zone following college, as he was drafted into positions at a regional newspaper, sports retailer and employment agency before he snapped up the job at Celarity.

Now as a part of the Celarity team, he coaches job seekers, assisting them in reaching their own goals of a career in the Creative, Digital and Marketing Industries.

When Darren takes a time out, you’ll find him padding along on walks with his home team, wife Laura, daughter Charlie, and canine team mascot, Murphy. Hiking, biking, camping, recreational sports, and (of course) football, all rack up extra points with him.

Finally, a warning for those out of practice-Darren is MVP of sports/pop culture trivia. Those who have dared to go head-to-head with him tend to fumble.

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