For Celarity HR + Operations Specialist, Elizabeth Rodriguez, The Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata” is more than a snappy tune…it’s a life motto. How else does one explain the upbeat, positive and go-get-‘em attitude of someone who took a sibling-driven hockey stick to the face at the age of 3 that resulted in 13 stitches? For most of us, those scars would have been enough reason to be cynical about life by the time we toddled into pre-school. But not Liz.

We are not lion lyin’ when we tell you she plucked up her courage, packed up a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and leapt forward, finishing high school while scratching out a living slinging yogurt in her first job at TCBY. Eventually, she chased her dreams to Winona, where she earned her degree at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Far from being cowardly or timid, upon graduation Liz boldly approached one of the world’s top staffing agencies for a position and was immediately hired. During her reign there, Liz stood apart from her co-workers, advancing to a regal position of Customer Support Associate within just four short months of her employment. In fact, she was one of only 20% of high-performing CSA’s to be selected to attend a national summit. That’s something to roar about!

With much pride, Liz brought her noble skills and problem-free philosophy to the team at Celarity, ensuring we’ll have no HR worries for the rest of our days.