Grace Skogen

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One can easily see that Celarity’s Social Media Specialist, Grace Skogen, has the world by the tail. She works like a dog planning, executing, and supporting the team with social selling ideas and content. 

As a young pup, the Brainerd Lakes area native was doggedly determined to become a marine biologist. With the exception of the rabid muskrat who chased her at the age of six, nothing could muzzle Grace’s love for animals. But in terms of a career, she would soon learn she was barking up the wrong tree.

Not one bit the scaredy cat, Grace wandered away from home to earn her Communications degree at Metro State University. Upon graduation, Grace unleashed her talents on the world, chasing her tail for 13 years in corporate America before deciding to become leader of her own pack. In 2019, Grace quit her job and became top dog at her own social media consulting business. No bones about it, Grace’s skills fetched plenty of attention.

In her downtime, Grace doesn’t stray far from home. Instead, she digs her time with her favorite companions, her husband, two kids, foster cats and dogs. When Grace does go out, she chases after the small moments that matter most—time with family outdoors, vacationing, water skiing and snow skiing.

The team at Celarity recognize Grace is a whole new breed of professional with plenty of social media tricks up her sleeve, ready to pounce on new ways to make Celarity a success. Lucky dogs!

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