Jenna Carr

Digital Marketing Manager

Celarity’s Digital Marketing Manager, Jenna Carr, is perfectly in tune with what clients want in a recruiting firm and has no treble trouble delivering it. That’s because this North Dakota native’s creds are music to the ears of our recruiting firm. While Jenna would never blow her own horn (though she does play the violin and piano) we don’t mind chiming in that she earned her BA at UND and her MBA in management from the University of Mary. Obviously, Jenna doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone.

It’s little wonder she’s successful with a sound Midwestern bass base as her foundation. Fit as a fiddle, her first job was teaching tots gymnastics, dance and kickball. Though she never realized her childhood dream of performing with the Medora ND Burning Hills Singers, she did Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair as Nellie Forbush in her high school’s production of South Pacific.

Conducting a successful career after college, she hit the high notes as an admissions rep for a renowned university and a sales advisor at an international medical device firm before joining the staff at Celarity. And lest you think Jenna is a one-hit wonder doing nothing more than marching to the beat of the work drum, she jazzes things up with her passion for travel and as a board member and violinist for the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra. Not to sound like a broken record, but Celarity staff are of one voice when they sing the praises of Jenna.

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