Kelli Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Word of mouth is that Celarity’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kelli Williams, knows how to capitalize on her experience as a strategic business leader by helping direct Celarity toward sustainable, repeatable growth.

Even as a teen, Kelli’s persona was characterized by ambition. Peddling ice cream at a Malt Shoppe taught her she would need to funnel her talents elsewhere if she were going to lead the kind of life she wanted.

An aspiring lawyer as a child, Kelli studied pre-law at Iowa State University before converting to a major in communications, eventually earning her BA in that field. It was a forecast of achievements to come.

A key performance indicator of Kelli’s success was the range of offers she received from prestigious firms over the course of her career. Those firms were in the market for a relationship manager, an account director, a marketing consultant, and a head of marketing. Her competition didn’t stand a chance—Kelli’s selling points outnumbered them all.

Starting her own independent marketing consultancy was next in the pipeline for Kelli, so she launched Williams Brand Consulting. It was her call to action to make an impact in the community by providing businesses with senior-level, strategic business and marketing leadership.

The return on investment for all her hard work? Kelli’s strategy for relaxation—family time and evenings spent with Twizzlers, popcorn, wine, and watching “This Is Us.” By any measure, that’s a SMART approach for a happy life.

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