Kellie Glasser

Talent Sourcing Specialist Marketing • Creative • Digital

Celarity Talent Sourcing Specialist, Kellie Glasser, could teach us a thing or two about making the grade professionally. With old school ingenuity, she began her career at the tender age of 12 after earning her professional babysitting certificate. Inspired by her new assignments, she thought her life might follow a course toward Elementary School Teacher. 

Experience is the best teacher, so for two years she nannied two kids, cramming in traveling, spending time outdoors and paddle boarding when on recess from her job. 

She hit the books at the College of St. Thomas, where she aced her studies and earned her degree in Human Resource Management in May 2021.

Never one to pass up a challenge, Kellie put her thinking cap on and determined she would become a freelance marketer, creating social media content for both large and small brands.

Now at Celarity, Kellie applies her skill and what she’s learned to her work, examining potential candidates, studying applications and creating job postings. 

It may not be common knowledge that Kellie possesses a weakness for chocolate cake or that she was a pole vaulter and on the dance team in high school, but what Celarity staff and clients do know is that Kellie Glasser is one class act.

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