Kelly Gunderson

Client Experience Director | Marketing • Creative • Digital

As with most gifted artists, we must look deep into the history of Kelly Gunderson to paint a fully accurate portrait of the professional she has become. Did this artist emerge spontaneously like Botticelli’s Venus? Or is she a manifestation of an upbringing in Madison, WI—the evolution of a true “cheesehead,” if you will?  Does her run-in with the law affect her perspective? (Okay, so she was five at the time and was practicing dialing 911 in the event of a real emergency when she inadvertently dispatched the police to her own home.) Still, wouldn’t that color her vision? Certainly, her obsession with blue (all the guests at one of her favorite milestone birthday parties had to wear the color) affects the prism through which she views the world.

Yet maybe her talent lies in the composition of her life—the advertising degree from U of W--Stout, the years spent building relationships in past sales positions, the aspiration to be the best client experience director on the planet.

Yes, to those who know her — her son, Elliot, her co-workers from her high school job bagging groceries; and even her mother (who still doesn’t quite know why the police showed up at her home all those years ago) — Kelly is one-of-a-kind; a master at her craft. Upon final analysis, we at Celarity are simply pleased to count Kelly as a valued addition to our impressive gallery of professionals.

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