Larrick Potvin

Associate Recruiter
Marketing • Creative • Digital

Ever since Celarity Associate Recruiter Larrick Potvin was a child, he’s had a thirst for adventure. It likely began on his very first day of school when his mother put him on the wrong bus, which deposited him at the wrong school. Not one to let a bump in the road take the wind out of his sails, Larrick took the error in stride, and eventually, he landed at the right school.

Born and raised in Brooklyn Center, Larrick hit the road after high school, wandering off to Wisconsin, where he earned a Bachelor of Social Work from UW—Eau Claire. For many, life post-college can be something of a rocky road, but for Larrick, it was smooth sailing. A new job as a Senior Admission Counselor at Concordia University was just the ticket and meant he didn’t have to jump ship from his family’s popcorn business. Upon joining Celarity, Larrick hit the ground running by pairing the right candidates with the best careers.

When it comes to life goals, Larrick wants to go that extra mile—literally—by journeying to all seven continents (he’s already trekked to four) and establishing a nonprofit to transport Brooklyn Center High School kids all around the world.

Larrick and his lifetime traveling companion, Nala, will ride into the sunset together in May 2022. If life really is a highway, then it looks like Larrick is headed in the right direction.

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