Michelle May

Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

Here’s the scoop on Celarity Recruiter, Michelle May. The Illinois native’s childhood ambition was flavored by her love of ice cream. So much so, that she could imagine no better treat than a career as an ice cream truck driver. And while she floated through high school working at an ice cream shop, (and with her love for ice cream, you can bet she milked that opportunity) eventually she deserted that dream when she arrived at the University of Minnesota.

Once there, she double majored in Spanish Studies and Secondary Education, and split her time between studying Spanish, working at the Office of Admissions, and dishing up tunes as a trumpeter in the University Marching Band.

Played trumpet in the marching band at the U of M!

Wanting to shake up the world a bit, Michelle spent a summer volunteering in Spain where she enthusiastically gobbled up the opportunity to do the work she loved—teaching in a Spanish-English immersion school. Once she had that challenge licked, she went on to conquer another—certification of fluency in the Spanish language (and we all know you can’t fudge on that one!)

For Michelle, the cherry on top would be to someday return to Spain to hike the Camino de Santiago. But for now, she’s focused on her work at Celarity helping recruiters source talent for some sweet jobs.

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