Mo Ndiaye

Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

By day, Mo Ndiaye is a mild-mannered Recruiter at Celarity. It’s a crime so few realize when Mo isn’t screening candidates or facilitating job offers his secret identity emerges. In a flash, the Minneapolis native cooks, eats, and bikes around the city with a vengeance. This daredevil even enjoys walking his dog in negative-degree weather. And everyone simply marvels at his ability to be ambidextrous. But where do rare powers such as these emerge?

To learn how this super guy evolved, we go back to the eight years of his childhood spent in Senegal walking the streets barefoot. (That would make anyone’s Spidey sense—as well as their feet—tingle.) Back in the states in high school, Mo possessed a highly developed sense of the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. That’s how he knew he couldn’t spend the rest of his life selling burritos at Taco Bell, so up, up, and away to college, he flew. Awarded an academic scholarship to the University of Louisville, Mo studied truth, justice, and the American way. Also, communications.

After college, career opportunities arrived to save the day—sales at a software company and in the food and beverage industry. Mo was even a crusader for a private investor, spearheading a $10 million real estate construction project.

The addition of Mo to the Celarity team has been a lifesaver. Maybe the fate of the planet doesn’t hang in the balance, but to the team, he’s a pretty super man to have around.

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