Onyinye Emeli

Project Specialist | Marketing • Creative • Digital

Upon close examination, Celarity Project Specialist, Onyinye Emeli, exhibits all the symptoms of a chronic high achiever. A transplant from Nigeria to Minnesota, Onyinye managed a dance team at 11, won a Rubik’s Cube competition at 13, and waitressed in Singapore at 16. 

Infused with ambition, she attended St. Olaf College where she feverishly studied pre-med and public health. Nursing childhood aspirations to become a doctor, Onyinye interned at hospitals in Nigeria until something in her shifted. She had a needling feeling she would rather practice helping people find professional roles they loved with companies that cared and valued them. After making this critical decision, she earned her BA in Psychology. 

Immune to failure, Onyinye did the rounds at a number of positions as an office assistant, event coordinator, resident aide and peer educator, until she presented herself to Celarity. Onyinye radiates confidence as she follows procedures to bring Celarity projects across the finish line. 

For Onyinye, the antidote to hard work is healthy downtime. She thinks hospital dramas are infectious, is addicted to Apple products, and finds cooking new recipes therapeutic. And despite having to cough up a lot of money for a ticket, she’d love to chart a course back to Nigeria soon to visit her mum.

When asked their opinion, Celarity talent and team all admit, having Onyinye as part of the operation is just what the doctor ordered.

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