Rebecca Gilbert

Associate Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

Fearless and feisty, one cannot question the confidence of Celarity's Associate Recruiter, Rebecca Gilbert, who mid-pandemic moved to a new state without knowing a single person there. But for those who know the plucky St. Paul native, facing a brave new world with unflinching courage is nothing new.

Possessing the spunk to follow her childhood dream, Rebecca spent her undergrad years studying for an education degree. 

And while for most, public speaking takes a lot of nerve, with her characteristic moxie, Rebecca boldly spoke at the 25th Annual St. Thomas University Undergraduate Communications Research Conference, a notable and daring accomplishment for someone in her sophomore year of college.

Eventually, Rebecca determined teaching wasn’t her thing, so with the courage of her convictions, she pivoted, graduating from St. Catherine University with a BA in Communication Studies and English.

Gutsy and unafraid, Rebecca pursued an adventurous career path, first at a family-owned bagel shop followed by administrative and sales roles at a roofing company. Now at Celarity, she applies her intrepid attitude and self-assured spirit to sourcing for marketing, creative and digital roles, screening candidates (many of whom are a bundle of nerves), and guiding them through the process. And because fortune favors the brave, Rebecca also monitors current trends in marketing, creative, and digital staffing with great success.

Ever the daredevil, in her free time Rebeca enjoys reading, tending her houseplants, and finding new restaurants and breweries with fiancé Tyler, and cats Betty and Frankie, clearly pursuits that are not for the faint of heart.

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