Susan Vang

HR Specialist

It would have been criminal if Celarity’s HR Specialist, Susan Vang, had realized her childhood ambition of becoming an attorney. We suspect that contract employees, clients, and internal staff who receive her superior service in the areas of HR, accounting, payroll, benefits, and administrative support would reach the same verdict.

We would confess that our allegation would be suspect if one considers her career began as a pretzel maker when she was in high school. But beyond a reasonable doubt, we have a strong case for our charge when the evidence points to that fact that she was an excellent student, earning her BS from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. And certainly, if one investigates her notable career achievements for implementing HR systems, training, and development as well as the lengthy time she did at a global staffing and recruiting company, one would most definitely judge it so.

Favorite countries that she has traveled are Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, and Korea!

Her family would testify to the fact that she’s a great mom, whether she’s long boarding, home schooling, or binge watching “Criminal Minds.” And of course, Celarity staff and talent have been witness to her work and would go on record that they’ve seen the proof of her efforts. In summation, a fair and impartial examination concludes that Susan Vang made the right career choice. We rest our case. 

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