Tracy Kelly

Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

For Celarity recruiter, Tracy Kelly, building a career has been a labor of love. The Rochester, MN native has been taking care of business since he was a kid. At age seven, the budding entrepreneur sold popcorn, soda and caramel apples to visitors at his family’s farm market. From there, he worked his way up to his first commissioned sales job at age 11, earning $1 for every Christmas tree he sold. 

As the years passed, Tracy built swing sets and basketball hoops like nobody’s business and at 19, won a Rainbow Play Systems national sales award. After high school, he ventured to St. Cloud State University where he got down to business earning degrees in Marketing and Spanish.

Tracy was a firm believer that a little hard work never killed anybody, so he set off to corner the market on sales for a ventilation manufacturer, taking his division from $600K in annual sales to $2 million.

From there, this jack of all trades sold premium sandpaper, to auto paint, wood flooring and natural stone distributors before parting company with sales and getting into digital marketing agency life. Now at Celarity, Tracy does a bang-up job connecting talented candidates with awesome companies.

Lest you labor under the delusion that Tracy’s life is all work and no play, he does spend his downtime in the company of his 6-year-old son, Leonardo, and 4-year-old daughter, Carmela. He’s also sold on meditation, reading, volunteering, and is always in the market for some really good candy.

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