From an early age, it was obvious that Marlene possessed a gift for discernment so acute it nearly qualified as a sixth sense. At a Halloween party in 2nd grade, she correctly guessed the number of jelly beans contained in a jar. This same insight and wisdom from the party would serve her well in the years ahead in her professional staffing business.

As a graphic designer in Minneapolis, Marlene was talented and in demand after attending the College of St. Benedict. She was loath to turn down work, but was often so busy that she had no other choice. 
Thinking creatively, she made the most of her myriad connections throughout the Twin Cities and in 1994 with husband and business partner Doug founded Freelance Creative, a staffing agency specializing in the placement of creative professionals.

In 2004, Freelance Creative expanded its scope to serve the needs of an even greater base of clients and talent, and changed the company name to Celarity to more accurately reflect the company’s mission. Celarity keeps Marlene very busy, but she still manages to balance work with the most important parts of her life—her husband and two sons, as well as her three stepdaughters and ten step grandchildren.

Business woman, designer, weekend boater, photographer, golfer and of course, winning jelly-bean guesser, these are the many facets of Marlene Phipps—a woman with clear, perceptive vision and the jar of jelly beans to prove it.

*Certified Staffing Professional (CSP)