Is there uncertainty surrounding your team’s workload?

Celarity gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust your workforce with your ever changing needs.

Our talent can work any amount of hours needed for any length of time. And, you have the option to hire them on to your staff at any time.

Our contractors are Celarity employees. We cover all employment taxes and business insurance for you. We offer our contractors the industry's best benefits including healthcare, PTO, and industry training. We take care of them so they can focus on you.


Positions We Fill

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  • Account / Project Management Recruiting Account / Project Management
  • Content Recruiting Content
  • Design Recruiting Design
  • Development Recruiting Development
  • Executive Recruiting Executive
  • Marketing Recruiting Marketing
  • Motion / Video Recruiting Motion / Video
  • Studio Production Recruiting Studio Production
  • UI / UX Recruiting UI / UX

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Looking to hire one of these positions?

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How the process works.

  • 1


    We help your business succeed by first understanding your goals. We meet with you about your company, the role, and your values to ensure we understand exactly who you need.

  • 2

    Team Search

    Our entire team gathers and forms a search strategy for your need. A team of recruiters working for you means fast results.

  • 3

    Rigorous Screening

    We do all the phone-screening, interviewing face-to-face, testing and references checking. Our talent is interested and is a fit for your specific opportunity. You can make a confident choice and get to work.

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    Follow Up

    After you hire our talent, we check in regularly with both you to ensure that the work is going well.

What you get.


Exclusive Resources

Our private 45k+ database with a team of Sourcers. Plus, Recruiters who use a custom, tech-savvy approach to reaching talent.



Candidates presented within 2 business days. Candidates are placed within 20 total days on average.

Cost Control

Only pay for the hours you approve with a clear bill rate, cancel anytime if your needs change.


Adjust your staff based on fluctuating workloads and projects.

Peace Of Mind

Vetted and qualified talent ready to help.


You can hire on whenever you want to.

How our staffing fees work.


Before our contractor starts, you will know their hourly bill rate upfront

The hourly bill rate based on many factors: skills, experience, availability, and location. The bill rate is also determined by the number of hours needed per week

You approve weekly time-cards

Based on your approved time-cards, we send you an invoice the following week

Option for temp-to-hire.

Our temp-to-hire fee is calculated as a percentage of the first-year salary. The fee decreases the more hours worked

There are no fees if either the client or the candidate decides not to move forward at any time

Case Study

Short-Term Coverage. Long-Term Results.

Company Size:
Large, Corporate Internal Agency


Greater Minneapolis, St. Paul Area

Short-term coverage with long term results. Through on-site visits, Celarity was able to gain knowledge of requirements and values. They built up a reservoir of talent that matched the agency’s high standards.

The Story:

An internal corporate ad agency has seasonal needs and fluctuating workloads. They must adjust their staff accordingly. With specific skills and values requirements, the agency struggled to find candidates fast.

After contacting many staffing agencies, they were still unable to find help.  Finally, they called Celarity. Celarity built a bench of talent that met the client’s requirements and the agency’s values. Now, when the agency has needs, Celarity calls their short-listed candidates. They are able to send them a high-volume of talent in a short period of time. Even better? Some of the talent gets hired on each year and they’re still with the agency after 3+ years.

As a result of calling Celarity, the agency was able to meet both fluctuating seasonal demands plus long-term hiring needs. The agency continues to reach out to Celarity. They know Celarity has access to candidates who fit their values and job needs.


Short-term coverage with long-term results. Through onsite visits, Celarity was able to gain knowledge of requirements and values. They built up a reservoir of talent that matched the agency's high standards. .

Type of Celarity Service Used:

Staffing (onsite team of full-time, temporary employees for 6+ months)


Seasonal needs are covered - no matter how last minute. Celarity hires between 10-15 people for the agency depending on the season. Celarity’s candidates have less than a 5% turnover.

These candidates have the skills and values desired by the client.

The client has hired on about 20% of Celarity’s contractors. Many are still employed at our client after 3+ years.

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