2 Easy Ways to Network Online

Social media is changing the way companies market to people and it is also changing how people search and network for jobs.  Never before has it been so easy to network with people in your industry. All it takes is a computer and an Internet connection and you are within reach of just about every professional in your area. The only problem is how do you find them?

Below are two popular social media sites and quick tips to utilize them to find great connections.


  • Fill out all the information fields in your profile with detailed experience. It gives people a good idea of what your skills are and helps your profile show up in search results so others can find you. And isn’t that the point of being on Linkedin? To be found in your area of expertise? So fill out your profile!
  • Join lots of groups. When you join a group it enables you to send messages to people within that group that you aren’t directly connected to. You can find groups within your skill area or groups that match your hobbies and interests. Most importantly, these groups have job boards and discussion topics to interact with.


  • Fill out your profile! Just like Linkedin, it is how people find you and no one wants to follow someone that doesn’t have a picture or bio because they don’t know who they are!
  • Follow your career peers and interact with them. One way to find them is by looking at the followers of local marketing, creative, and interactive orgs.  Here is a twitter handle list of the local orgs that we post events for on our Scoop Calendar. Just follow them and look to see who their followers are.

@AdFedmn – Ad Fed

@AIGAmn – American Institute of Graphic Arts

@i612 – Interactive Marketing in Minneapolis

@IABCmn – International Association of Business Communicators

@Mimatweet – Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA)

@MinnesotaPRSA – Public Relations Society of America

@mnAMA – American Marketing Association (AMA)

@MnSEM – Search Engine Marketing

@MWMCorg – Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications

@smbmsp – Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis/St. Paul

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