Blazing the Trail

With a New Kind of Agency


Marlene and Doug Phipps embarked on their first entrepreneurial venture in 1990, launching Phipps Creative Services, a small design shop offering design, illustration and copywriting services to local clients. But by 1993, in response to an increased demand for on-site creative freelancers to work alongside clients, Marlene blazed the trail with an innovative and original kind of agency.

She steered her entrepreneurial savvy in a new direction launching Freelance Creative. The venture quickly gained traction and Freelance Creative evolved into what is known today as Celarity, a staffing and recruiting company for marketing, creative, and digital teams.


To Grow


It would be easy for Celarity to sit back and cruise with their 25 years + of success but with adding two new owners, John and Robert Arnold, they are continually striving to improve their services by remaining up-to-speed on important changes to the marketing, creative, and digital industries.

While they nurture our company values of helpfulness, professionalism, and passion, they distinguish themselves from the pack through their mission of Creating Happy Careers. Celarity promotes the elements that make them so exceptional: deep local roots, reliance on their people-centric philosophy, and a laser focus in the marketing, creative, and digital niches.


Charting A Course

For New Directions


As front runners in the industry, Celarity will continue to add new services while discovering accomplished talent in an ever-changing environment. And while frequent curves may sidetrack others, Celarity will continue to recognize and adjust course in a marketplace where technologies and trends, talent and skill sets change and emerge.

At Celarity, there is a steady commitment to support the local community through programs that raise the talent level and open up more opportunities for people. They are dedicated to creating happy careers and being the best place to work. These are the keys to success because, for Celarity, it’s not about crossing the finish line. It’s always been more about the journey than the destination.

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