The Celarity Story

At Celarity, we view things a little differently. We know that when it comes to the creative community Minneapolis/St. Paul is more like a small town. Since 1993 we’ve worked hard to transform those small town relationships into trusted partnerships, not only from top marketing, creative and IT talent but also Fortune 500 companies located throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Early Days

In 1990, husband and wife duo Doug and Marlene Phipps co-founded “Phipps Creative Services,” a firm that specialized in providing illustration and design services for corporate clients.
When 1993 came along, Marlene had the keen insight to see that local businesses had a need for on-site marketing and creative talent in addition to design services. To meet those needs, she decided to branch out, launching her own talent agency, appropriately named “Freelance Creative Services (FCS).”

Marlene’s business model became so successful that a year later her husband Doug decided to close the design firm and join her in helping the new business succeed. Even then, FCS set the standard.

Growing Bigger, Getting Better

Flash forward to 2004, with social media gaining in popularity and SEO becoming a mainstream practice. Marlene and Doug recognized it was time for their agency to grow, so they retooled their vision and renamed the company “Celarity.” An amalgam of “clarity” and “celerity,” the new name reflected their enhanced brand values—clear, precise and prompt in their professionalism, helpfulness and passion for creating happy careers.
These days, Celarity caters to the biggest and most notable companies in Minnesota. It is a company that employs some of the most talented recruiting professionals in the business and places thousands of talented marketing, creative and IT professionals in the Twin Cities. These people are ready and eager to create magic for Celarity clients.

Celarity’s Values

Celarity acts with the utmost responsibility to employees, clients, talent and the Twin Cities community. It’s not just about business; it’s about the quality of the relationships.
Celarity is guided by the following core values…

Be Professional – Carry out work with expertise, respect and honesty and bring great character and spirit to everything we do at the company.
Be Helpful – Help people whether it is a professional looking for meaningful work, a client needing talent, an internal team member or the greater Twin Cities community.
Be Passionate – Enthusiastically strive to be the best. Encourage growth and learning with the internal team, the community and the local marketing, creative and IT industry, because we believe there is always room for improvement.

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Emerson


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