3 Common Questions for Recruiters

Have you ever submitted a resume for a job opening, certain it is the perfect match for your skills only to never receive an offer? Sometimes it’s a mystery as to what recruiters and hiring managers are searching for in a good candidate. Below are common questions recruiters receive and answers to their inquiries.

Q: What do recruiters look for in a resume?

Recruiters look at your experience. If you are a recent grad, recruiters take a look at your internship history. Candidates that worked at agencies or large corporations generally stand out a little more and also more professional looking experiences and job duties.

If you already have years of job experience, recruiters look at the companies you worked for, past job titles, and experience. This allows them to see the career path you traveled and insight into what your next natural steps might be.

Q: I have great experience! Why didn’t I get the job?

When companies use a staffing agency they give very specific skill sets they are searching for, which narrows their candidate pool considerably. Recruiters then phone screen and interview with many candidates, all of who would like to be chosen for a job opportunity. Having a positive attitude during the interview, whether in person or over the phone, is essential. Your attitude and personality during the interview is being analyzed to see how you might fit with potential companies.

Q: How can I stand apart from the crowd?

Is your resume polished and easy to read? Do you show up to an interview in sweats? (It has happened!) Are you prepared to answer questions? Recruiters look at all of these factors during interviews and meeting job hunters at networking events. You should look professional and have a pitch in your mind so you are able to answer questions such as “what are you looking for in a position?” If you are unsure of the answer, how can you expect recruiters to know how to help you?  If you are passionate and prepared, recruiters will take notice.

Experience, attitude, and presentation are all important factors in a hiring decision. Candidates should refine their pitch and keep an upbeat attitude in preparation to meeting a recruiter or hiring manager.

If you have any other questions about what recruiters look for, leave us a comment and we will get back to you!

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