3 Important Interview Intangibles

Do you have amazing job experience but no luck receiving offers? You may look great on paper but lack the interview skills to make a lasting impression. Below are some skills to help you get the offer you’ve been looking for.

1. Be Direct
If a hiring manager asks you about a project or process, be specific! Start at the beginning and take everyone through YOUR role step by step. It can be easy to fall into speaking about what your team did, so be sure to emphasize your exact role and how it impacted the project.

2. Be thorough. Be brief.
It’s true that you should do most of the talking during an interview, but not all of the talking. Managers typically have anywhere from 30-60 minutes, so be conscious of the time and prepare answers accordingly. You may have to condense answers to fit the time limits.

3. Be engaging
Even if you feel tired on interview day, be energetic and confident during the interview. Managers want to hire someone that they’d enjoy working with. If you come in tired, yawning, or unenthusiastic they will likely pass on you, regardless of your past experience. If you act excited to be there, are engaging and cheerful, you will be much more appealing as a candidate.

The tips above provide insight on how to improve your interview skills beyond your resume. Hiring managers look for candidates who are articulate, engaging, and are clear about why they are a fit for the open position. Hopefully this advice will help you land the position of your dreams.

Put these skills to use by sending your resume and interviewing with us! Check out our current openings in marketing and creative.

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