3 Job Market Trends You Can Expect to See in 2016

As economic trends evolve and the workforce continues to expand, large organizations and small businesses can expect to witness new job market trends.

Here are the trends we’re expecting to surface or become more popular in 2016:

1. Open opportunities for millennials

The future is bright for graduates jumping from college into the workforce. According to a new survey, a 15% jump for hiring in 2016 marks the second year in a row of double-digit growth in the job market. The 4,700 responses from 23,000 polled employers suggest increasing company growth and employee turnover as important factors in the hiring spike. Baby boomer are also starting to affect millennial job prospects as they continue to retire and open opportunities with new job market trends.

Those millennials aren’t just jumping into entry-level roles to take home a paycheck — they often have a burning desire to identify strongly with a company and play some role in improving society or working toward a greater purpose. Employers that take part in charitable work also attracted more employees, as nearly half of millennials said they were motivated to accept an offer based on the company’s desire to give back through charitable work. Millennials want to grow with a company, and they want to feel valued.

2. Flexibility takes a front seat

With the rise of telecommuting technology and an increased demand for flexibility, employees will come to expect more out of their employers. Nearly half of employees feel burned out, yet they’re still motivated at work and seek opportunities for advancement within their organization.

A portion of those employees expect to switch jobs within the next year, but could be persuaded otherwise with more flexibility, improved technology, and enhanced office perks and designs. Yet office designs won’t mean anything to telecommuting employees as office spaces continue to shrink and more employees work from home.

In addition to offering the option of working from home, or improving company culture, many employers are expanding maternity leave and adding additional benefits to accommodate the fluctuating workforce. In the end, flexibility and attractive work environments — whether they be new office desks or lounge chairs in the home — tend to play large roles in employee productivity.

3. Technology means 24/7 availability

As communication continues to evolve, businesses will adopt more streamlined technology. From online data storage to collaborative communication systems, employees are constantly connected and able to collaborate. However, striving for more efficient communication also means a decline in face-to-face communication. Quick emails will continue to be a simple replacement for scheduling time to meet in-person.

Adapting the latest technology could mean accepting wearable technology as a means of improving productivity. With wearable technology, employees are able to stay connected 24/7, yet may be expected to respond no matter the context, disrupting their work-home balance.

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