4 Candidate Red Flags

Some candidates are just too good to be true, even though you may not want to admit it. When someone walks into your office and claims to have every skill and piece of experience you’re looking for, you need to take a second look. Sure, candidates can play up their experience but there are several red flags to watch out for when interviewing potential hires.

They’re late
Being late is never good, but it’s often excusable. Things happen, cars break down, traffic is bad but candidates headed to an interview should plan ahead for these situations. A few minutes is no big deal, but if a candidate shows up 30 minutes late, this can become an issue. This could indicate they don’t plan ahead or are often late to important meetings. You should also consider if they called you to let you know they would be late or if they casually strolled into the office as if they were on time. You want an employee who is punctual and organized, so beware of this behavior, especially if it becomes a habit.

They can’t name a weakness
The “What’s your greatest weakness?” question often trips up candidates in an interview, which is expected. They may have to shuffle through a few options and decide which is the best answer, which is also expected, but when they can’t name one? Red flag. You want employees who are able to see their mistakes and learn from them. Someone who sees themselves as flawless isn’t someone you want working with your employees on a team.

Speaks poorly of current or former employer
Some professional experiences can be difficult. From poor management to being overworked, many people experience this once or twice in their professional career. It’s normal for a candidate to explain why they left or may be leaving an employer, but bad mouthing and bashing their employer shows an unprofessional attitude. Additionally, being highly critical towards a manager or boss may indicate he or she has trouble with authority.

Salary and benefits first
If the first thing the candidate talks about is money and the benefits that come along with the position, watch out. It’s likely that they are more interested in the perks that come along with having a job than the actual opportunity you’re presenting. As a prospective employee, it would be foolish not to ask about these things, but someone who asks immediately might not be excited about your company and opportunity.

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