5 Basic Tips for Working With a Staffing Firm

If you have never worked with a staffing firm before, here are five things that are important to know to have a successful experience:

1. Define the skills needed for success: When contacting and communicating with the staffing firm about the type of candidate(s) you are hoping to hire, take the time to define clearly the objectives, responsibilities and skills needed for the ideal employee you want to fill the open position. Your recruiter will then be able to do a better job recruiting, interview and finding the best candidate to fill your role.
“This makes screening and hiring based on those factors a much more efficient and effective process,” says Brendan Haugo, Lead Marketing and Creative Recruiter for Celarity.
2. Onboard correctly: Once hired give the employee a tour of the office, introduce him/her to co-workers and management, and if there aren’t restrictions, invite the contractor to team meetings, says Brittany Smith, Human Resources Manager at Celarity. Also, be sure to show them where the break room or restroom is, point out where they can run to get coffee or a bite to eat, and any pertinent information that help them understand what it takes to succeed in your office. For example, if there’s road construction and they know a better route home, share that with him/her.
“A common complaint of contractors is that they feel segregated from permanent employees,” says Smith. “To help a contractor feel part of the team, make sure that he/she has the full onboarding experience.”
3. Paperwork, Policies and Procedures: A contract employee is held to the same standards as a permanent employee, says Smith. Make sure that contractors attend (or complete electronically) all security, safety and anti-harassment training. Share with them any Internet usage policies or key guidelines that are for everyone in the office setting.
4. Make them feel like a part of the team: In addition to a proper onboarding experience, make your contractors feel welcome and wanted. Don’t isolate them from the rest of the office and be sure to make sure they know they are an integral part of the success of the project, team or company. Invite the contractor to lunch or happy hours or for a cup of coffee.
“Get to know them on a personal level, make sure they know their work is valued,” says Haugo.
5. Regularly communicate with the staffing agency: Employers should be in constant contact with the staffing agency. Celarity frequently reaches out to its contractors and clients for feedback on how the relationship is working. Employers should do the same. Ask questions, ask for advice and be open.
“It’s important for the client to give prompt and honest feedback,” says Smith. “The staffing company should be notified of what day-to-day challenges the contractor or client are experiencing. Call the staffing agency when there are concerns about performance and attendance.”

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