5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Writing your resume is pretty tricky when you’re on the hunt for a new position. It’s not easy to write a document that explains your background and experiences and is supposed to fit on 1-2 pages! After all, this is the piece of information that’s supposed to catch a hiring manager’s eye and get you an interview, you want it to be the best it can be, right? While there’s no secret formula to the perfect resume, there are a few common mistakes that keep making their way onto resumes.

Resume Mistake #1: Including too many or too few details

It can be difficult to find the ideal resume length. Leaving out important information can impact a hiring manager’s decision while being long-winded can lose their attention.

At the bottom line, a hiring manager does not need to know every single thing you’ve done in your previous positions. Being concise and specific is key. We recommend outlining the most pivotal aspects of your previous positions and the positive outcomes that you had. This is your chance to showcase how you’ve made an impact!

Resume Mistake #2: Not tailoring your resume

Each time that you submit your resume, it is essential to take time to tailor it to the role you’re applying for. We know applying and interviewing is already a very time-consuming process. However, tailoring your resume will increase your chances of catching the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, which could speed up your job search as a whole!

Our guidance is to reflect on your previous experiences through the scope of the role you are applying for. Read over the job description and identify areas that coincide with your expertise! From there, cut out the extra fluff words and focus on the valuable details.

Resume Mistake #3: Leaving out keywords

Recruiters and hiring managers often look through many resumes for open positions. To stick out from the crowd, it is essential to use keywords that highlight your experience with specific tools, software, credentials, and technology. Our advice is to treat your resume as an SEO challenge. Think of common and relevant keywords that match the position description you’re applying to.

Resume Mistake #4: Being unorganized

One of the most common mistakes is having a disorganized and crammed resume. Look at your resume objectively; it should have a clean and clear design, be easy to read and have some free space. 

Fun fact: according to recent studies, you have about 6 seconds to make an impression on a hiring manager. If they can’t read your resume, they won’t consider you!

Resume Mistake #5: Not reviewing before submitting

Once you’ve put together the perfect resume, be sure to review all of the details! Look over your spelling and grammar, ensure that information is accurate, and that your authentic self shines through. 

Having another person look over your resume before your final submittal is another great way to ensure that your resume is free from errors and ready to be submitted.

Now it is time to start applying!

Avoid these five resume mistakes, and you’re well on your way to resume success! If you’re ready to submit your resume, apply today to one of our current Marketing, Creative or Digital jobs here

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