5 Helpful Tips for a Stellar Online Portfolio

If a hiring manager asked to see your online portfolio today, would you be ready? If your answer is no, you’ve got to refresh and reboot. Digital portfolios are incredibly easy to set up and it allows you to showcase your digital skills rather than seeming outdated with a physical portfolio.  So, how do you make your online portfolio the best it can be? Here are 5 tips to help you put your best foot forward:

Use your best work
Don’t clutter your portfolio with every single thing you’ve worked on. Even if you’re just starting out, try to narrow down your portfolio to the absolute best and most impressive work you have. It’s not about the volume but about the quality and your expertise in the area.

Keep it fresh
As you continue to work on more projects, update your portfolio as you complete work. This should not be a stagnant website with work you completed years ago, this could actually hurt your chances of getting hired if you’re not showcasing new work. Especially if you’re in the design field, as new trends and skill-sets are sought after, showcase your abilities and update your work often.

Simple UX
No industry cares more about the functionality of a website than the marketing, creative and IT industry. Your portfolio should be straightforward and have your content stay the focal point of the site. Design elements are great but if they overshadow your work it can be distracting. Put your work at the forefront and make it easy for a user to navigate from page to page and easily find your contact information.

Capture attention
The fact that you’re creating a creative portfolio means that you’re seeking semi-creative work so you’re site should reflect that. Make sure to think about each word you put on your portfolio and try to use engaging text when speaking about your experience and work. Additionally, consider SEO when creating content on your portfolio and make sure someone could easily find you with a quick Google search.

Set yourself apart
What makes you different from the next graphic designer or copywriter? Ask yourself this question over and over and think about how you can relay that to someone through your site. Have you won any awards? Do you have a specific software skill? Use your specialities and accomplishments to get yourself ahead of the pack.

If you’re looking for some great resources for putting together your online portfolio, check out Portfoliobox, Behance or Cargo.

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