5 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve all been there – you thought you did a great job in your big interview and the next day the hiring manager calls back with a “no” to your employment opportunity. What went wrong? Were you too nervous and fidgety? Were you too quiet?

There are many reasons why interviews go awry. Sometimes the culture of the company and the type of role you’re interviewing for are not a match, but some avoidable mistakes can mess up an interview. Here are 5 big mistakes to try and avoid in your next job interview:

1. Talking too much

While a talkative candidate is a good sign, there can be a fine line between expressing yourself accurately and turning into a chatterbox. As much as you can, let the hiring manager guide the interview. Nerves can play a role in constant talking, so recognize that emotion and try and focus on answering questions clearly and deliberately. Trailing on and on can make it seem like you’re unprepared for the interview, can’t speak clearly about your experiences, and aren’t engaged in active listening.

2. Badmouthing past or current employer

As bad as your previous or current employment experience may have been, negativity is not a trait that any hiring manager wants to see. Plan a constructive way to speak about your experiences and focus on the positive aspects of your past employment experiences. Badmouthing a boss or company makes it seem like you could be difficult to work with or have trouble getting along with others.

3. Restraining your personality

Almost all hiring managers want an employee who is eager and enthusiastic. Even in more buttoned-up environments, an eager employee is more appealing than a bland or boring one. A candidate that comes off as excited about the opportunity, industry, and experience is someone that most hiring managers would love to have on their team. Just because it’s a formal interview doesn’t mean you have to dull down your interest and enthusiasm about the job.

4. Being unprepared

This is one of the most important mistakes to avoid. Candidates should always practice tough questions, research the company and be prepared to speak clearly about their experiences. Preparing answers about your strengths, weaknesses, and typical interview protocol will help your answers come across as confident, clear, and organized. As a potential employee, you want to present yourself in the best light possible and be prepared and ready for whatever comes your way.

5. Disregard common courtesies

This mistake is pretty broad, but disregarding certain common courtesies can tarnish your image in the hiring manager’s eyes. Things like arriving late, not shaking hands, chewing gum, interrupting the interviewer as well as not thanking them for their time are all small things that can hurt your chances of getting the job.

Interviews are a nerve-racking and intense part of the job-seeking process, taking the necessary steps to avoid making these mistakes will increase your chances of getting the job and help create a comfortable environment. Ready to put your interviewing skills to work? Check out our openings and apply today!

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