5 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Qualified Applicants

You’re struggling to attract high-quality talent. In fact, you’re having trouble getting job applicants at all! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to Glassdoor, attracting high-quality candidates is the top challenge for 76% of hiring managers.

Competition for talent is at its peak. So, don’t make these 5 mistakes when you’re seeking the area’s best candidates:

1)  Writing vague and boring job descriptions

High-quality candidates have a lot of job options in this market. To capture the attention of potential applicants’, you’d better write a stellar job description and make sure it:

  • Is brief and easy to digest
  • Helps the potential applicant envision themselves doing the job (using words like “You” and “Your”)
  • Outlines information about the company, culture, and/or team
  • Highlights some important benefits your company offers
  • Is as specific as possible (don’t use vague descriptions or words, or corporate speak)
  • Doesn’t include inflated requirements
  • Has a strong call-to-action

Need help writing a job description?
Job Description Template

2)  Long application processes and/or making it difficult to apply

Great candidates won’t take time to fill out a tedious online job application form filled with questionnaires, broken links, and error pages. Make sure applications:

  • Are optimized for mobile
  • Are user-friendly with clear instructions
  • Only ask questions that are absolutely necessary

You can even consider using simple application tools like LinkedIn and Indeed easy apply buttons on their platforms.

3)  Posting your job in the wrong spots

Don’t just use generic job boards and hope for the best. You can target your ideal talent pool by posting to specific local associations and job boards. Here are some examples:

  • Digital Marketers may visit the MIMA job board
  • SEM Specialists may visit the MnSearch job board
  • Tech and Digital Specialists may frequent Tech.mn
  • Advertisers & Marketers may be prone to visit Ad Fed, Etc.

4)  Refusing to network outside of your circle

Local associations don’t just have awesome job boards – they also host events!  They’re a great place to meet potential candidates with a specific set of skills.

And, guess what? Attending local events is an easy, non-threatening way to meet someone who may be your perfect candidate. There are a number of places to find events in the Twin Cities but for a one-stop-shop, check the Scoop Calendar.

5)  Wasting time waiting for candidates to reach out to you

Did you know that 85% of employed people say they’re open to switching jobs? There’s a reason that passive candidates are considered the best talent to hire for your team; they’re 120% more likely to make a strong impact on your company.

Utilize tools like LinkedIn Inmail or Indeed Messages to reach out to candidates with the right background and skills.

  • Ensure your messages are brief and intriguing enough to get them to respond
  • Provide them with reasons why they should work for you
  • Offer them something they’re not getting from their current employer

Visit The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Digital Talent page for more information about how to attract top talent!

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