Imagine you are dining at a nice restaurant, and the food served is terrible! You reach for your smart phone and alert your social network via twitter and facebook that your experience is awful and you will never dine at that restaurant again. However, did you ever stop to think who is reading your angry tweet/facebook update? Now imagine again you are applying for a job and the hiring manager looks up your profile. What will they see? Is it something you would be embarrassed about?

While it is fine to express yourself via social media, some considerations should be taken when contemplating who will be viewing your updates. Here are some tips to manage your social media presence:

  • Keep your posts PG rated. Use language that is acceptable for your mom to read as well as your friends.
  • Offer public praise to companies or friends. Or if you purchase something you really like, let others know!
  • Avoid bad-mouthing others. Personal issues should be dealt with privately.
  • Engage others online. Comment on articles or posts that interest you, and start a conversation.
  • Listen to what others say- don’t push content in order to be heard without listening first yourself.

These tips should allow you to express yourself online while maintaining a respectable presence. You want to put your best foot forward at all times, whether it be in person or online. Remember to listen first, be polite, and have fun!

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