Working from home has become the new normal since the start of the pandemic. As companies consider how and when to return staff to the office, many discuss permanent work-from-home options or hybrid schedules. Since working from doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, here are a few tips to keep you on-task as you continue to utilize your home as your office space.

1. Set a routine

If working from home will be an everyday thing, this is an essential step to success. Just like a structured day in an office environment, learn to structure your day similarly at home. Set hours for yourself and schedule out tasks so that you have direction throughout the day. Make the schedule and stick to it daily. Make sure to include time for lunch and also include time for breaks to refresh and recharge.

2. Separate work from home

One of the most challenging parts about working at home is separating your work-life from your home life. To avoid having an imbalance between the two, stick to the hours you have set for yourself and when you’re outside those hours, disconnect from work, whether that means turning off the computer, putting away your designs, or turning off your phone. Creating a separate space to work in, like a home office, can significantly increase your productivity. Just because you work from home does not mean that work is your entire life.

3. Get out of the house

So you don’t work in a corporate office, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in one place. On days where you feel stir-crazy or unmotivated, switch venues and check out a coffee shop or set up your office in a library study room for the day. There are also collaborative working spaces such as CoCo. Working at another location can prevent you from having an unproductive day and feeling antsy in your house. Even if it’s for an hour or so, venturing out of the house can help you regain your focus in a new setting.

4. Stay connected

Working at home can feel lonely and isolated. To avoid feeling disconnected and bored, schedule coffee meetings and lunch dates and regularly meet with clients outside of your home. Even heading to a coffee shop can prevent you from feeling disconnected from the working world.

5. Recognize distractions

Working at home will usually provide more distractions than an office environment. From kids to phone calls, your day can get interrupted more often than you’d like. It can be easy to get frustrated that your day isn’t going as planned in these moments. Recognize the distraction and take the time you need to regroup and get back to work. Going back and forth from life to work over and over can become exhausting and dampen the quality of your work.

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