5 Traits of Successful Marketers

If you’re looking to get in to marketing or you’re already a marketing pro, you know how much work it takes to be successful in this industry. With the ever evolving trends and best practices, it’s tough to stay up to date on what’s hot in marketing on any given day. So, what separates someone who successfully navigates this evolving industry and connects with their audience from someone who doesn’t?

Check out 5 traits of successful marketers:

1. Marketers today need to be curious. People who are successful in a modern digital marketing world are naturally curious. They are often willing to try something new just to test it out and see how it goes. They are not scared of failure, they often embrace the learning process that comes with it. To be successful in today’s marketing industry you have to have natural curiosity for the industry and yearn to try new things and discover best practices on your own.

2. If you’re going to succeed in the crazy world of marketing, you have to be tech savvy. With the emphasis on digital marketing right now, successful marketers must understand technology, which is one of the main ways to reach customers. Whether it be mobile apps or Hootsuite, you must be able to work with and manage the technology.

3.  A successful modern marketer must be analytical. There is a plethora of data that has to be processed with any marketing campaign or project, from research reports to statistics to click rates, it’s a lot to analyze. Having an analytical mind will make it easier to process this information and use what you’ve learned for future projects and campaigns.

4. Being a team player is another important characteristic to have. Only in rare cases will you ever be the single marketer on a team. You have to be able to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside your specific department from PR reps to web designers. Being able to be productive and work with a wide variety of people is incredibly important.

5. Communication is key to a successful marketer. Possessing excellent communication skills might be one of the most important traits one can have in marketing. From presenting your plans to communicating new ideas, marketing professionals are in constant communication with their team, vendors and clients. If you can’t explain your next big marketing campaign, how will it ever succeed?

If you’re specifically a social media marketer, check out our 5 traits for successful social media pros. Looking to take your marketing career to the next step? Check out our current openings and apply today, we’d love to meet you!

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