5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work

Ever feel there’s not enough hours in the day and you’re not getting enough done? Then your work habits are in need of a little reboot! It’s easy to get distracted, lose track of time and just get behind on work and projects. The good news is that you can fix this common problem by implementing 5 simple tips and tricks into your work day.

1. Take a break
You might feel like plowing through your work without a breath is the only way to get your work done, but this does just the opposite. It’s unhealthy and even counterproductive to spend hours working without a break. Try to take 5 minute breaks every few hours to get up and walk around or even just take your eyes of the computer screen. This also applies to your time outside of work, don’t constantly check emails and make sure you create time for yourself. Both of these efforts allow you to disconnect from work and refresh your brain and energy.

2. Stop multitasking
Focus is key. Drinking your coffee while analyzing data and emailing your boss reports at the same time can seem like the only possible way to get all your tasks done, but it’s not! When you multitask you don’t give 100% of your attention to important tasks which may cause more work for you down the road. Multi-tasking can also make you feel like you’re not getting anything done. Try to finish one task at a time which will allow you to feel like you’ve accomplished more.

3. Prioritize
Make time in the morning and another time midway through the day to prioritize what you have to get done for the day. Don’t feel the need to jump right in when you get to work, make a prioritized list of your tasks and complete them one  at a time based on their importance.

4. Avoid distractions and interruptions
While interaction with your coworkers is an important part of  workplace culture, try to minimize interruptions when you’re hard at work on a specific task. Whether that means shutting your door, putting up a sign on your cube or just letting people know you’re in the middle of a task, protect your time. Also, avoid constantly checking social media sites unless it is part of your job. Leaving Facebook/Twitter up on your browser the entire day will only lead to more distractions.

5. Control your email
A lot of people have instant notifications that pop up when they receive an email, this does not contribute to productivity. Feeling the need to drop what you’re doing and immediately respond to every email only distracts you from the task at hand. Try to set aside times throughout the day that you check your emails and spend the time you need to respond.

Feeling overwhelmed and unproductive at work is a feeling many people experience throughout the day, practicing these simple tips will help you eliminate that feeling and get back on the path to productivity.

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