5 Ways to Motivate Employees

As much as people don’t want to admit it, there are lots of unmotivated employees in this world. Whether they aren’t driven to do their best or they simply have no motivation to move up in the company, this can be a tricky situation for a manager.

According to a recent study by Dale Carnegie,  less than 25% of non-management employees are fully motivated and engaged. This is clearly an issue that must be dealt with. If employees feel no reason to work hard, why would they? Creating simple, yet effective motivating factors within your company culture is the answer. Here are 5 simple ways to motivate your employees to do their best.

1. Set goals and recognize success
Your employees want a challenge, it’s human nature. If they show up everyday with the same menial tasks to work on with no goal in sight, it’s easy to become unmotivated. Setting achievable goals for your employees allows them to work towards something concrete and will also give you as a manager something to measure their performance against.

If employees aren’t meeting goals, you will know it’s time to let them go or work on their performance. When goals are achieved, make sure they are celebrated or at least acknowledged. This doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a simple incentive like a team lunch or internal email recognizing the success will keep employees moving towards their next goals.

2. Listen
One of the biggest motivating factors for employees is the feeling that their wants and needs are heard at work. This doesn’t mean that every request is granted but listening to what employees have to say is key to motivation. Whether an employee has an idea for a new process or new ideas for their position, however unrealistic the ideas may be, just listen. People like their voices to be heard and if they are continuously blocked by managers unwilling to listen, they may reach a point where they don’t care about the organization and aren’t willing to work hard.

3. Pay them well
To keep your top employees, you’re going to have to pay them a competitive salary. This might be easier said than done in some organizations, but make sure you’re not skimping on salary. If their performance merits a raise, give them one, this will let them know they are valued and appreciated. If you can’t afford competitive salaries or raises, think about performance-based bonuses for individual employees or teams.

4. Care about their future
A manager that shows interest and involvement in the future of their employees does wonders for motivation. Creating opportunities for people to move up within your organization as well as encouraging continuous growth and education. Employees feel valued and important when they feel their manager really cares about where they are headed within the company and in their career. Acting as a mentor and advocate will build trust and motivation about their future with your company.

5. Create a good culture
Make sure your company is a decent place to be. Not just offering a competitive salary and benefits but people genuinely enjoy working there. If your culture is negative and stiff, why would employees want to work hard if they aren’t enjoying what they do? You don’t have to have free beer every day of the week or Google Glass for everyone, just incorporating simple perks like lunches, team building activities and happy hours can be motivation enough.

Keeping your employees motivated to work hard and give their best efforts is key to a successful and healthy business. There are some employees that might need a little nudge to work harder and some that do it on their own but in the end, managers play a pivotal role in motivation.

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