6 Advantages of Using a Specialized Staffing Agency

Feel like you’re losing the battle for talent? You’re not alone. Hiring has never been more challenging, and the stakes are high. In a recent study by CareerBuilder®, 66 percent of employers in the U.S. reported they had been affected by a bad hire, with 27 percent saying a single bad hire cost them more than $50,000. Add that to indirect costs – project delays, lost opportunities, plummeting employee morale – and you see the rationale for hiring well, and it all starts with interviewing.

Brendan Haugo, Celarity Lead Recruiter, agrees. “Agencies take the challenge out of the recruitment process by sourcing, screening and qualifying candidates per your specific needs,” says Haugo. “And by using a firm that specializes in a niche such as marketing, creative and information technology,  you can get highly qualified candidates in a matter of days versus weeks or months on your own.”

6  Advantages of Working with Specialized Recruitment Agencies

1. Speed: When you work with a recruiting firm, the hiring process, from search to offer, could be complete in just a few days.

2. Expertise: While HR at your company may be experienced in recruiting and know your culture, it usually takes someone with specific industry knowledge about the job’s skillsets to find candidates that will excel at your company.

3. Accountability:  An agency depends on your success, so you are their priority. Working with internal HR can be slow because they have other priorities. If an agency does not perform, you can find another one at no cost.

4. Time savings: You won’t waste your time interviewing a candidate that is unqualified or unexcited about the position and your company. A good recruiter interviews candidates before you meet them.  An agency like Celarity always checks references and performs background checks at the client’s request.

5. Honest Feedback: There’s no need to be shy about feedback. Recruiters need to know your honest opinion so they can find you a candidate that’s perfect for your needs. They get to know the candidates so that you’re not getting an employee who’s just lukewarm about your opportunity.

6. Agency Employee Benefits: Rising healthcare costs are affecting businesses everywhere. A marketing talent agency like Celarity will offer and administer benefits such as 401K, PTO (paid time off) and health insurance. That means one less stress and one less burden for you, leaving your company with more time to focus on the business.

Here’s the Real Scoop on Staffing Agency Contractors, Consultants, and Freelancers

A misconception about staffing firms is that contract workers only come to a staffing agency because they can’t find work elsewhere, or they aren’t talented enough to get hired for permanent roles.

“The truth is many of our freelancers and consultants like the variety and flexibility that contracting can offer.  They learn new perspectives and skills working for a variety of assignments while securing benefits through one employer, the staffing agency,” says Celarity President Marlene Phipps.

What a hiring manager realizes once they hire from a specialized staffing firm is that they should have done it sooner. The agency’s team gets to know your culture, which speeds up the hiring process each time you need to hire,” says Phipps. “This saves time and makes it easy just to pick up the phone and call in your order.  We work as an extension of the client’s HR department and manage as much of the hiring process as you need. Both the hiring managers and HR staff can then spend their time doing what they do best while the staffing agency does the rest.”

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