6 Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

Do you continue to ask yourself why you’re still unemployed? Getting a new job is a difficult task, trying to find one with the stress of being unemployed is even harder! Many people think that blasting out a resume to every employer in town with an open position is the most effective way to find a new job, but it’s not. There are so many actions unemployed job-seekers can take to improve their search and many are often neglected. If you are struggling with finding a new job, here a few reasons you may be having trouble.

1) You’re not networking
One of the most valuable tools in your job search is your network. From family members to former colleagues, reach out to all of them! Everyone you know should be aware that you’re looking for work so they can keep you in mind for any positions they come across. Since you’re unemployed, you should be out there everyday talking to people, attending networking events and getting your name out there in your industry. It may seem like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s invaluable as a job seeker. Sitting behind your computer screen won’t get you very far!

2) You’re not presenting yourself well
From your resume to your cover letter to your phone interview skills, you have to hone in on every detail an employer sees and perfect it as much as you can. Make sure that all emails and communications with a potential employer are error free. It takes a lot of work, just like networking, but presenting yourself professionally at every step in the process is essential to getting your new job.

3) You’re applying everywhere
Recruiters and hiring managers will see that you blanket cover letters and resumes to every position they post. They won’t be more inclined to call you for an interview just because you applied 10 times. This goes along with #5 in that you have to have a plan. Applying to any and every position will only make recruiters think you’re desperate and they’ll begin to ignore your applications when they come in. Be selective about what positions and where you apply.

4) Negative mindset
It’s easy to get down when you’ve been unemployed and unsuccessful at finding your next job. It won’t help though! During your period of unemployment, staying as positive as possible about potential opportunities and your skills will show in your interviews. If you show up to an interview down and defeated, the hiring manager will notice. Look at the upside of your job search and consider each interview or potential opportunity a step in the right direction.

5) You’ve got no plan
You may think scouring job boards and applying to any decent position is all you need to do, but you have to be more strategic in a search. Map out potential titles, employers, positions and qualifications you’re going to stick to in your search. Sign up for email alerts from sites like Indeed and apply strategically. This also goes along with networking, connect to people at the companies you’re interested in and try and methodically work your way up to an interview.

6) You’re asking for too much
If you were at a certain level at your last job and you’re unwilling to budge on a salary cut, rethink this. Every company has different budgets and salary levels and if you’re asking too much from the get go, it can hinder your chances of moving along through the interview process. Research as much as you can about the potential company’s salary requirements and what they are offering, don’t go too far above. Sites like glassdoor.com offer some good insight on larger employers.

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