Attracting and retaining talent isn’t easy – especially in a competitive industry. So, to aid those hiring managers struggling with these issues, Celarity has gathered some quantitative and qualitative data to help you succeed in winning the war on talent.

In our report, we include:

  • National staffing & hiring statistics
  • Celarity performance statistics
  • Drivers for attracting and retaining talent (including a section on millennials)
  • Best practices for engaging talent

The information we’ve collected can help our clients determine answers to questions like:

What is the average amount of time it takes to hire someone?

On average, it takes 42 days to fill a role.

Should I consider using a specialized staffing agency?

If hiring managers can’t wait 42 days to fill a position and don’t have the time to find candidates on their own, a specialized staffing firm can help provide talent quickly. For example, Celarity fills positions in 24 days on average.

What’s most important to candidates who are looking for a new job?

When candidates are considering a change in their career, they’re seeking pay or wage potential, benefits, and work-life balance.

How do I retain my millennial workforce?

Millennials are seeking work/life balance, opportunities to progress and be leaders, flexibility in their schedules, and having a sense of meaning from their work. So, you don’t necessarily need to break the budget in order to compete for the best millennial talent or even offer free snacks and beanbag chairs at the workplace.

Download our full Attracting and Retaining Talent Guide | 2016-2017 for more information.

Visit The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Digital Talent page for more information about how to retain your digital talent!

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