How Celarity Built an Agency in Two Weeks

Some companies follow standard paths, utilizing local agencies and traditional media.  A local retail product packaging company set out to do something dramatically different by partnering with Celarity.

The task: To build an entire agency of contractors within the company in two weeks with a fixed budget in mind to dig in and provide an entire re-branding to a current product line.

Celarity stepped up with Multiple hires (5-6), a diverse mix of experience, in two weeks, and created a cohesive productive team that had never worked together before.  Through this process, we have put our 18+ years of stellar experience, talented recruiters and top candidates to work  to match timelines and stay within budget.

Result: 5-6 new Hires:  Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Web Designer, Social Media Strategist and an Art Director

–  Providing 2-3 candidates per role
–  Coordinating multiple schedules to stay within the timeline.
–  Onsite launch and team introduction
–  Consistent client monitoring, follow-up and support
–  Flexibility to change in candidates and  add candidates at a moment’s notice to ensure right fit
–  Completed project on time and under budget

Got a tough to fill position? We’re up for the challenge. Contact us today! What direction does your company want to move?  Celarity is there to support you!

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