Creating an Elevator Speech- 3 Steps for Success

Imagine being at a networking event and meeting a manager from your dream company. What do you say? How can you make him or her remember you in a positive light? Have no fear; just use your elevator speech! What’s that, you may ask? An elevator speech is a short speech that promotes a business or markets you as a person. It’s a statement of what you do, what you are looking to do, and strengths about yourself. The following are a few tips and facts about elevator speeches:

  • Creating the speech– When crafting an elevator speech be sure to include points such as your strengths, what company or industry you are interested in, problems you can solve, and what skills you can offer. Keep in mind what actions you want your listener to take as a result of hearing your elevator speech.
  • Practice– Before using your speech, be sure you practice a few times on your own. Also plan for questions that could be asked after giving your elevator speech. Be able to eloquently elaborate on what you previously said.
  • Put your speech into action– Once you have prepared your elevator speech, put it to use at a networking event, or any other situation where someone may ask you what you do.  You never know who you will meet, and it is always best to be prepared and attend events with a goal in mind.

By following these tips you should be able to create a concise and clear elevator speech. Those you meet will quickly realize how your skills and strengths can contribute to a company. Be sure to practice, and put your elevator speech into action!

Click here for a great resource for creating and testing your elevator speech!

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